Toys enter a new reality,
enhancing the experience the game

Once a game is selected, the user can play indoors and outdoors controlling the toy via smartphone with our RoboGO app.

software only

With our software only solution there just needs to be a connection to the toy via WLAN or Bluetooth.

No parts of the toy have to be changed: we can detect the toy through our smart pairing algorithm “RoboLink” and the smartphone camera. Your costumers can discover new possibilities with your toy through augmented reality.

Use of RC/BT toy within 4 meters.


The RoboHeart is the essence of our augmented technology for remote-controlled toys such as racing cars. The RoboHeart can be placed inside of any RC toy to control the toy via smartphone. The RoboHeart also provides IMU data for positioning. With these data we can detect the position of the toy with our smart pairing algorithm “RoboLink” that enables a completely new augmented reality experience which allows the toy to interact with virtual elements.

Use of the RC/BT toy up to 8 meters.

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