a new reality for toys

We use augmented reality technology to connect the world of analogue toys with the world of digital games,
creating a whole new market

plush toy

Experience your plush toy in a virtual environment

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toys in AR

RC toys enter a new reality, enhancing the experience

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Toy model in augmented reality

Enjoy your toy-model as a digital character in a virtual world

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A platform for game developers, RoboGO

create the next generation of AR games with real toys

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a fusion of two markets

We combine the legacy market of analog and remote-controlled toys with the steadily advancing mobile games market by using the new technology of augmented reality.

Tony Nitschke

Founder & CEO

6 Years building rockets
3 Years building companies

Evgeni Melan

Founder & CTO

5 Years building satellites
and microelectronics

Patrick Bethke

Founder & CIO 

10 Years experience in software development

about us

We are a small team of former space engineers. Our mission is to revolutionize gaming by fusing virtual content into the real world.

Meet the team

Part of the Sony Startup Acceleration Program


Social media

The Future of Augmented Reality

According to a study published in January 2021 by Statista Research Department, there will be an estimated 2.4 billion mobile augmented reality…

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2020 year in review

Happy new year!We are very proud of what our company achieved in 2020, despite the complications of the pandemic.For us, 2020 started off in our …

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New article in Toys magazine

You can find an interview with our CEO Tony in the latest issue of TOYS magazine page 32 and 33 (german language)!

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